GDPR Policy

Decision makers to be made aware of this policy:

Charlotte Martin, Director

Data Held:

Personal information about the Director

Client information – company names and email numbers and telephone numbers

Client contracted work – may include name of individuals, record of their email and phone numbers, possible employment history and job role related information

Client based information – in instances where Employee Relations or related work is required, some further personal information may be held for the duration of the contract i.e. salary, severance, contractual information.

Email address may contain email address and content for the purpose of communication

Charlotte Martin HR ltd – work laptop may hold data – this is password protected, in addition personal data files will also be password protected.

Charlotte Martin HR Ltd uses a small business, industry recognised anti virus system.

Privacy notices:

Email signature to include privacy notice, website will include privacy notice

Data request process:

All requests for data will be managed by the Director, Charlotte Martin and be responded to within 28 days (unless extended by mutual agreement)

How data will be used

Email and telephone records will be used to contact clients and will not be shared without the consent of the individual or company

Data provided through client organisations will be used for the purpose of contract requirement (according to terms and conditions of contract)

Any personnel data on individuals received through a contracted piece of work will be deleted once the client has signed off the contract and or requirement. This will normally be deleted within 3 months.

How consent will be undertaken

All clients will be provided with a copy of this policy and an overview of how data is managed.

Breaches of data

Will be fully investigated by the Director, Charlotte Martin. Where required they will be reported to the ICO

Who can access data at Charlotte Martin HR Ltd?

Charlotte Martin, Director

Webeze Solutions trading name for Lee Lloyd maintain / update the company website and provide secure UK based website hosting via Heart Internet Ltd. The website is an information based site showing the services provided by Charlotte Martin HR.

Charlotte Martin HR Ltd use Google’s GSuite for business email which comes with their business grade security. G Suite provide a 24/7 support service as part of the subscription and could access my G Suite account for the purposes of technical support.

Updated: 23rd May 2018

Charlotte Martin HR Ltd

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Charlotte Martin HR Ltd is an independent consultancy providing a range of People Management and Human Resource services to help large or small businesses find effective solutions for managing people.


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